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You packed up a lobster roll " to go " for my husband to bring home to me this past Friday. The care you went to, to make sure it stayed fresh was greatly appreciated.
I lived in Boston for twelve years and consumed many a lobster roll.
I have to tell you that yours was the BEST!!!

I am now definitely a new regular!
Thanks Monsta Lobsta for helping pull off a surprize 40th birthday for my wife. All loved the lobster rolls!

You guys rocked, as always! Thanks! Have a great weekend!

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your food.  I wish I could have had the Lobster bisque but will have it when you return.  
Also, thanks so much for giving my lady friend another lobster roll after she fell and her lobster roll went flying into the street.  I sent my friend over to get her another one and all I wanted was for him not to stand in line again for another one, but you were so kind as to give him another roll for her for nothing.  Thanks for you consideration and kindness.  She took a bad fall but was okay and enjoyed her roll later on. 
Once again, thanks and hope to see you at Leesburg again soon....

My wife and I want to tell you that the wait was worth it. We shared your Monsta sandwich, and the Spicy Lobster Roll was shared with a grandson and what a hit.  I am already searching you web site for a close visit to Leesburg.  I understand you will be returning in October.

Enjoy life.

Just finished eating my first lobster roll and bowl of lobster bisque from your truck and have to tell you it is one of the best meals I’ve ever had! The lobster meat on the roll was fresh, sweet and overflowing the bun and the bisque was just outstanding. I have to admit that my expectations were not very high, but I was totally blown away by this meal. I recently returned from Las Vegas and had dined in a high-end restaurant in Caesar’s Palace where I had lobster tail and lobster bisque. Your food beat theirs by a mile. I will be telling everyone I know about your wonderful food truck and I know I will become a regular customer. Thanks for bringing this great meal to Winter Park!



Beth Floyd We loved and will come back again for more of your tasty rolls and great pickles!

Lobster Roll was amazing! Wish I had bought a second one to bring home!!

The Lobster Roll tonight was FANTASTIC!

Nice meeting you guys, Lobster Roll was great !

Another great lobster roll! Thanks again! And thanks again for the Moxie.... at least someone here in Orlando likes it, right?

Thanks for a great lobster roll last night! Come back to Avalon Park soon please!


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