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First time trying this out. Excellent choice for those seafood lovers that enjoy tasty and healthy food. Lobster roll, blue crab roll and the lobster bisque are delicious!

 Oh my. These Lobstah Rolls are like WHOA. I had the honor and privilege to sample these devastatingly amazing sandwiches at my sister's wedding. My dad decided to surprise my sister with the food trucks during her cocktail hour and it was a hit! In fact, it pretty much was the highlight of the wedding-and the wedding was outstanding!!! The only thing I'm upset about is that I live 3 hours away and can't devour these little bundles of lobster heaven on the regular. I'm not kidding, I had like, 12 of these glorious yourself a giant favor and STALK this truck! If you live in their area, I'm BEYOND jelly. But seriously-damn good lobster rolls. Keep doing what you're doing guys, bc you're making the world a tastier place! 

 Our last stop during this week's Tasty Tuesday in the Milk District was Monsta Lobsta for some lobster bisque. As we stood in line to order (we were next!) one of the guys came out and crossed lobster bisque off the menu. We were disappointed but knew we shouldn't have waited so long. The patrons in front of us agreed, we shouldn't have waited and we were really missing out on some awesome bisque.

We stood there discussing our disappointment and jumped in the crepe line to finish out our night. Not even 2 minutes later, the Monsta Lobsta guy came back with a bowl of lobster bisque, saying he scraped just enough for one more bowl. Oh and it's on the house!! We could not have been more grateful and excited. Warm, delicious, this bisque hit the spot!

Noted to hit this truck first next time - amazing bisque and amazing service!! 

 Enjoyed a lobsta roll today at the Walgreens International Dragon Boat Festival presented by PepsiCo. The lobstah was delicious and tender... and it WASN'T drowning in mayo. It had garlic salt and the roll was toasted which adds to the flavor. The lobsta meat was spilling out and over the roll. Had to stop at a table to enjoy and make sure I didn't lose any meat falling!! Thank you for a wonderful lunch!